New Lab for Pediatric Cancer Research

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The JEM Project is pleased to partner with The Isabella Santos Foundation to support a new pediatric oncology research laboratory. This lab in Charlotte, NC – the only one of its kind in the region – will play a vital role in developing precision treatments for pediatric cancers.

“This is the first pediatric oncology research lab in the region, which is really exciting,” says Giselle Sholler, MD, director of the Isabella Santos Foundation Solid and Rare Tumor Program at Levine Children’s. “What happens in the lab here will directly impact patients, both here and around the country.”

This lab will focus initially on neuroblastoma and four types of brain tumors, and it will expand to other cancers as well. The research will advance the discoveries of drugs that can lead to new, early-phase clinical trials that provide leading-edge treatment options to pediatric cancer patients. Typically, a drug in this lab can go from testing to clinical trial within about a year, making Levine Children’s a leader – as well as a collaborator – in cancer research.