2023 Wild in the Country at Lions Tigers & Bears

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When the pandemic hit in 2020, Lions Tigers & Bears (LTB) was forced to close to the public. Without special events or educational visits, they were faced with significant income loss — income LTB needed to support rescues, daily care for the animals, and new animal habitat construction projects already underway.

The first gift from The JEM Project covered lost income from the cancelled 2020 Wild in the Country event, and provided the funds to finish construction of their new bobcat habitat. This grant allowed LTB to breathe, and lifted a burden from its shoulders. The JEM Project was interested in getting to know LTB and genuinely wanted to get more involved and understand their short and long term goals.

With a gas & electric bill exceeding $60,000 at the sanctuary, LTB was interested in moving to solar power. The savings would then be invested back into the rescue and care of the animals in need. We are finally finishing the two-year construction and installation of solar power to the sanctuary thanks to the generosity of The JEM Project.

LTB was also in need of a food prep trailer for volunteers to prepare weekly diets for all of the sanctuary animals. The JEM Project provided the funds for a custom built food prep trailer, complete with self-contained generator, refrigerators, freezers, stainless steel counters, and a temperature controlled environment for our hard-working volunteers.

The JEM Project also provided matching funds to help LTB raise the dollars needed to build two new bear habitats, allowing LTB to rescue and provided a lifetime home for their newest bears Rocky, Susi, and Sally. Last year, The JEM Project provided funds for a new portable ADA restroom for sanctuary guests, as well as shade canopies at visitor check-in and inside the bear habitat.

The JEM Project is very honored to have made a lasting impact at the sanctuary and to support LTB in their important work advancing animal welfare.