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New inquiries are closed as of Friday, August 19, 2022. Please return in early 2023 to send an introduction of your nonprofit and project in consideration of The JEM Project spring grant cycle.

We are a grant-making foundation that aims to increase impact in projects that focus on child welfare, animal welfare, women’s empowerment, and/or environmental sustainability.

Grant recipients must be a registered 501c3 in operation for a minimum of at least three years, with offices and projects in the US.

To help us understand your funding needs, the strongest inquiries will include a brief overview of the specific project, budget, timeline, and funding gap request.

Grants MAY NOT be used for the following:

  • Capital campaigns with the exception of capital needs that significantly and measurably improve program effectiveness and impact.
  • General operating (overhead and other administrative costs are acceptable as they relate to the program and project for which funding is being requested).
  • Endowment.
  • Re-granting to other organizations or individuals.
  • Lobbying – IRS-defined lobbying activities are prohibited by federal law.
  • Partisan research and analysis, and non-permissible policy-related activities.

We value projects that increase impact and provide lasting change – projects must have a start and finish, set budget, and measurable results. We are also interested in:

  • small projects, (because they are often seeds of change); 
  • projects that are built on collaboration with others; 
  • projects that draw diverse people together (building new relationships); 
  • and projects that evoke simplicity and self-giving generosity.